Looking for an easy way to share business cards with anyone?

Ran out of physical business cards to give out on occasions?

What if your phone is misplaced?

Business Card QR Wallpaper

Designed for your phone’s lock screen.


How it Works?

How Business Card QR Works

What's in QR Code?

Business Card



  • Share your business card easily via QR code, directly from your phone’s lock screen.

  • Your sharees can save your contact details easily on their phones.

  • Works with most QR code scanner apps.

  • No worries about physical business card inventory.


  • If your phone would be misplaced, whoever picks up your phone could scan the QR code, and then be able to:

    • Contact you via email based on your email address, or

    • Bring the phone to your office based on your office address.




(Business Card QR Wallpaper)


Order Flow

  1. *Send us the following via WhatsApp or Telegram:

    • Photo of printed business card.

    • Other information if not stated on the printed business card.

    • Wallpaper colour (e.g. Grey or #808080).

  2. We will then send you an email with:

    • Wallpaper file.

    • Invoice for payment.

  3. Set the wallpaper file as your phone's lock screen.

  4. Hide lock screen notifications. (Recommended for sec. benefit)

  5. Make payment according to the invoice.

*By doing so, you agree to the terms in Privacy Policy.

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  • To prevent lock screen notifications from covering the QR code, from your phone's notifications settings, hide or do not show lock screen notifications.

Hide Lock Screen Notification
  • If your sharee's QR code scanner app does not capture the full contact card, we recommend Kaspersky QR scanner (tap or scan QR code):

QR Scanner Android
QR Scanner iOS