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The following below is a list of resale insurance policies for sale. This list will be updated from time to time.

Buy traded endowment policies from PolicyWoke as short-term high-interest savings plan.

If you are keen to buy any of those policies or if you have any queries with regards to those policies, fill up the form below and we will contact you within two working days. Alternatively you may contact us via Telegram.


The following image is the overview of the flowchart for the policy re-sell:

Flowchart on how to buy traded endowment policies from PolicyWoke

If you decide to buy-over a resale insurance policy, the following is the basic procedural flow in steps:

  1. Click on the PolicyWoke Assignment-out Form for you to read and decide if you agree to the terms.

  2. If you agree to the terms stated in the PolicyWoke Assignment-out Form, text us your email address, full name and home address so that we can prepare and email you an invoice for you to make payment to our business bank account.

  3. Once we have received payment, we will schedule and book an appointment with the insurer to meet at their customer service centre.

  4. On appointment day outside the customer service centre, we will show you the hard-copy of the same PolicyWoke Assignment-out Form for you to confirm that the terms are the same as the soft-copy one.

  5. After confirmation in step 4), we will proceed to enter the customer service centre to do the absolute assignment of the policy.

  6. After the absolute assignment of the policy, we will complete and sign off the PolicyWoke Assignment-out Form. We will also give you a copy of the completed PolicyWoke Assignment-out Form.

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