Sell Insurance Policy (≤ 110% Fast Cash !) in Singapore

Sell insurance policy at up to 10% above surrender value!

We will consider giving a quotation if the status of following types of insurance policies are as follows:

  • Endowment: At least one-third of total premiums paid (e.g. 9 out of 25 years, 4 out of 10 years).
  • Whole Life: At least 10 years of premiums paid.
  • Investment-linked and Hybrid:
    • 101 (Pure-investment) type.
    • During first policy-year, 100% of premiums goes into investment units.

If your insurance policy does not meet the above-mentioned status, you can still submit your policy information, just that the chances of us being able to give a quotation would be slim.

You can either submit your policy information yourself as a policy-owner, or contact your servicing financial advisor to do so on your behalf.

If you are unsure of the fields we need, contact your servicing financial advisor, login to your online account or contact the insurer hotline.

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A shoutout to a value added service that deserves more recognition. Definitely worth a share in challenging times.

People surrender their insurance policies for many reasons. It could be because they are in bad financial shape, going bankrupt, or maybe because insurance agents sold policies which over-insured them.

PolicyWoke helps people to surrender their insurance policies ethically.

Loh Tat Tian (Ethan) is the dude behind PolicyWoke that you can spam if u think this service can benefit u or folks that you may know.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ethan if you need to encash your insurance policy for more cash back!

Process Flow

After accepting a quotation, the basic process flow is as follows:

  1. For each insurance policy, we will email you a copy of Assignment-in Form for your e-signing. 
  2. After e-signing in [1], we will book an appointment to meetup at the insurance company’s customer service centre.
  3. On appointment day, we will proceed to enter the customer service centre to do the absolute assignment paperwork.
  4. After the paperwork in [3] is done, we will transfer funds via PayNow to your bank account based on the quotation. Please wait 1 to 2 weeks for the insurance company to complete the absolute assignment process on their backend. By then, you will receive a letter from the insurance company on the absolute assignment completion.

Frequently-asked Questions

You need to bring your identity card (e.g. NRIC) as the insurance company is required to verify your identification before the absolute assignment paperwork can be done.

Different life insurance companies have slightly different procedures with regards to whether the absolute assignment paperwork can be done “offline”, i.e. not going down to the life insurance company’s customer service centre. As of this writing, some companies such as Prudential and Etiqa allows the paperwork to be done “offline”. Whereas others such as Great Eastern and NTUC Income, the paperwork can only be done at their respective customer service centres. We seek your understanding in this, as their procedures is beyond our control.

As we are not financial advisors, we are unable to advice on whether you should give up your insurance policy. The decision is entirely yours on whether to keep it or to give it up.

We only consider 101-type investment-linked policies. An easy way to determine if it is 101-type is that, for the first policy-year, no less than 100% of the premiums goes into investment units. We will not consider protection-type investment-linked policies, whereby for the first policy-year, a portion of the premiums goes into protection benefit.