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Note: For whole life policies, we will only consider those incepted 10 to 19 years ago.

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Douglas Chow, fellow supporter of PolicyWoke

A SHOUTOUT to a value added service that deserves more recognition. Def worth a SHARE in challenging times...

People surrender their insurance policies for many reasons. It could be because they are in bad financial shape, going bankrupt, or maybe because insurance agents sold policies which over-insured them.

PolicyWoke helps people to surrender their insurance policies ethically.

So Instead of surrendering the policies at a loss to insurance companies, PolicyWoke takes over the insurance policy and sell it to willing investors. And the good thing is PolicyWoke can buy it from folks at a higher price than if they just surrender it to the respective insurance companies.

Loh Tat Tian is the dude behind PolicyWoke that you can spam if u think this service can benefit u or folks that you may know

Dun paiseh. Feel free to spam him hor!



For each policy, if we have replied you with a quotation, you can decide whether to accept the offer or not. If you accept the offer, the following is the basic procedural flow in steps:

  1. Click on the PolicyWoke Assignment-in Form for you to read and decide if you agree to the terms.

  2. If you agree to the terms stated in the PolicyWoke Assignment-in Form, we will schedule and book an appointment with the insurer to meet at their customer service centre.

  3. On appointment day outside the customer service centre, we will show you the hard-copy of the same PolicyWoke Assignment-in Form for you to confirm that the terms are the same as the soft-copy one.

  4. After confirmation in step 3), we will proceed to enter the customer service centre to do the absolute assignment of the policy.

  5. After the absolute assignment of the policy, we will complete and sign off the PolicyWoke Assignment-in Form, and we will transfer you the funds equal to our buy-over price via cheque, PayNow or FAST. We will also give you a copy of the completed PolicyWoke Assignment-in Form.