2 Little-known Hacks for Retirement Planning in Singapore

Retirement Planning in Singapore

With more than 20 years of financial advisory experience, we have a special guest, Wee Hock Leong, who will be sharing the 2 little-known hacks for retirement planning in Singapore.

This event is a collaboration between PolicyWoke (organiser), Purvis Capital (speaker) and TRT Academy (venue sponsor).

  • 08 Feb 2023
  • 7.30pm to 9pm
  • TRT Academy (5 Purvis Street #02-07 Singapore 188584)


  • Introduction.
  • Approaching Retirement Planning.
  • Retirement Needs Funding.
  • Facts of Retirement.
  • What is your Retirement Picture?
  • Food for Thought.
  • Simple Approach.
  • 3 Basic Needs in Retirement.
  • Hack #1 .
  • Retirement Building Blocks.
  • Planning Retirement Income Stream.
  • Asset Allocation and its Challenges.
  • Hack #2 .
  • Q&A.

Getting There

Here is the streetdirectory.com map of the building:

StreetDirectory 5 Purvis Street

At the building, look for an entrance with 5 Purvis Street, Talib Court sign at the top and TRT Academy banner on the right.

Talib Court 5 Purvis Street L1

At the entrance, take the stairs up to level 2 and you will see a door with TRT Academy banner on the right.

TRT Academy L2 Stairs

At level 2, look for unit #02-07 . You would have reached TRT Academy.

TRT Academy Level 2

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About Wee Hock Leong

Hock Leong is a veteran in the life insurance industry having amassed 23 years of valuable financial advisory experience in personal finance providing sound financial planning advisory work for clients from all walks of life including those in the affluent and high net worth market segment.

Besides offering personal financial planning advice and guidance for clients spanning multiple aspects such as protection planning, education planning, retirement planning, legacy and estate planning while generating strategies to enhance wealth, he is also well versed in the financial markets which empowers him to assist clients to adopt simple diversification strategies creating investment portfolios to boost returns while lowering the overall risk.

With a track record of financial practitioner’s excellence – practically qualifying for all the awards there are in the companies he has been with and stamping his professionalism with the attainment the prestigious MDRT Membership for numerous years, he is also armed with the skill set and experience in agency management, mentoring and coaching a team of 15 advisers in his 23 years stint.

Although he is currently not a licensed financial advisor with any financial institution, with his vast experience and illustrious background, he is here to share on Retirement Planning Awareness in Singapore.