Resale / Traded Endowment Policies in Singapore

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What are Traded Endowment Policies?

Traded endowment policies (TEPs), also known as traded life policies (TLPs), are those that were sold by original policy-owners to resale brokers in Singapore, and are then put up for resale as short-term savings plans. This process is done via Absolute Assignment, which you can find out more from our blog on how TEPs work.

Why TEPs?

Resale / Traded Endowment Policies

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Bought traded endowment policies with them. Prompt replies. Detailed explanation of process and policy details 👍🏻 . Overall a fuss free process for those seeking a higher interest avenue since bank interest are at a all time Low now 👍🏻 👍🏻
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People who are new to buying traded endowment policies would be in for a great surprise as the price is cheaper than normal policies, it is a good deal if you are a firm believer in getting endowment policies as your retirement income. PolicyWoke personnel are patient and very knowledgeable in their field of work. Highly recommended.
I was completely new to resale endowment policies Singapore. With the help of friendly Ethan and Jimmy at PolicyWoke who patiently answered all my concerns and helped me to have a excellent experience at the purchase.
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Frequently-asked Questions

It is a savings plan issued by life insurance companies to help you grow your savings towards your financial objectives such as retirement and children’s education funds.

There are 3 main types of endowment policies based on how the accumulated cash value is being paid out to beneficiaries:

  • One-lump-sum on maturity date.
  • Annual cash-back, usually as a percentage of sum assured, in addition to one-lump-sum.
  • Periodic payout, annually or monthly. This is commonly known as Annuities.

They are endowment policies that were sold by previous owners to resale brokers like us, and are then put up for resale as short-term savings plans.

It is an online platform where policy-owners can sell their endowment policies to resale brokers like us. It is also a platform where savers can buy those endowment policies from us.

If the life assured’s passing were then reported to the insurer, the insurer will contact you to collect the death benefit pay-out and the REP / TEP will be terminated. Otherwise, your REP / TEP will continue to be in-force as though the life assured is still alive.

Your REP / TEP will go to the Estate. Please seek advice from an estate planner on including your RSP in a Will.

Any individual who is at least 21, NOT an undischarged bankrupt and NOT a politically exposed one, or an entity can buy second hand endowment policies for sale, subjected to insurance companies’ know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) checks.

No hidden fees for buying existing endowment policy from us. The prices you see on our website is what you will be paying for. Your bank / crypto platform provider may impose a fee for your transfer, hence we recommend that you check with them before initiating a transfer.

As we are not financial advisors, we are unable to advice on which REP / TEP to buy. The decision is entirely yours.

Unless otherwise stated, traded endowment policies are denominated in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

As of 29 Sep 2020, you can make single payment of up to $200,000 via PayNow Corporate and/or FAST for buying traded endowment policies. You may need to change your account settings to increase the transaction limit.