enJoy Card: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get It in Hong Kong

enJoy Card Hang Seng Hong Kong

Introduction to enJoy Card

Hong Kong is a vibrant city, offering a range of exciting experiences for tourists and residents alike. If you’re looking for a credit card that can help you make the most of your time in Hong Kong, then the enJoy Card is an excellent option. In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 reasons why you should consider getting this card in Hong Kong.

Reason 1: Discount Offers

One of the most significant advantages of the enJoy Card is the discount offers it provides. You can enjoy discounts on a range of services, including dining, entertainment, and shopping. Whether you’re looking for a fancy meal or a casual night out, this card has got you covered. With the enJoy Card, you can save up to 25% off at over 1,000 participating restaurants, and up to 50% off on movie tickets, concerts, and other entertainment events.

Reason 2: Easy Payment Options

The enJoy Card provides its users with easy payment options. You can pay your credit card bills online, via mobile banking, or auto-debit. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that you never miss a payment deadline, which can negatively impact your credit score.

Reason 3: Travel Perks

The enJoy Card also offers travel perks to its users. You can enjoy exclusive discounts on airfare, hotels, and car rentals. Additionally, the cardholder can earn reward points for every transaction they make using the card, and these points can be redeemed for various travel rewards. This card is an excellent option for frequent travelers who are looking to save money on their travel expenses.

Reason 4: Free Airport Lounge Access

Another significant advantage of the enJoy Card is that it provides free access to airport lounges across the world. With this card, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at the airport lounge before your flight, without having to pay any extra fees. This feature is especially beneficial for those who travel frequently, as it can help them save money and make their travel experience more comfortable.

Reason 5: Personalized Service

Finally, the enJoy Card provides personalized service to its users. You can enjoy a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer your queries and resolve any issues you may face. This feature ensures that you receive timely assistance whenever you need it, making this card an excellent choice for those who value good customer service.


In conclusion, the enJoy Card is an excellent option for those who are looking for a credit card that offers a range of benefits and perks. From discount offers to easy payment options, travel perks, free airport lounge access, and personalized service, this card has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a credit card that can help you save money and enjoy a range of perks and benefits, then the enJoy Card is the right choice for you.

enJoy Card Hang Seng Hong Kong