Insurance Claims: Success Secrets Revealed!

What you can expect from the Webinar?

In her usual RAW way, Cathie will briefly share some REAL stories about her successful claims journey in her insurance career of more than 2 decades. In this 1-hour webinar, Cathie will take time to discuss in details practical tips in effective insurance claims. This will be followed by a time of Q & A for those who have a burning question or two. Finally, Cathie will wrap up the session with key takeaways so that we can be better equipped in the event of any insurance claims.

Do you know that you can takeover ownership and beneficiary of a savings plan via a resale broker?

Catch Ethan Loh, a former financial advisor with an Asia-pacific insurer, as he will share on how savings plans work in the resale market.

About Cathie Chew

Cathie shares unreservedly her journey into the life insurance business that spanned over 2 decades with insurance giant, Prudential Assurance Singapore. Cathie thought that her romance with her “First” love would end after leaving the insurance career to become her husband’s primary care-giver. Her husband was taken ill due raw fish bacteria infection in Nov 2015.

Despite her initial plans to leave the business of life to pursue new interests, Cathie continues to be sought after by former insurance colleagues and former clients in insurance-related matters. Almost single-handedly, Cathie seamlessly and successfully claimed all her husband’s insurance policies. Cathie even blew the minds of the Honeywell’s Human Resource Team when she overturned the decisions of the insurers under the Employee Benefits.

Over 3 consecutive years (2015-2017), Cathie persevered and successfully claimed these policies as the spouse of Honeywell’s former employee! Cathie seeks to give insights into her wealth of expertise as a veteran insurance practitioner. Her uncommon journey into being a claimant in this Raw Fish Saga 2015 was equally thought-provoking. Cathie’s deepest desire is to create a living legacy of sound insurance planning, thus ensuring families are well-weathered financially when crises strike untimely.